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Refreshing Essential Oils for you Health this Spring

Are you a regular essential oil user? If so, you know there are many different scents and even more blends you can use. When the Springtime arrives, why not switch out the winter ones for some that are better for this season? This includes a variety of floral, citrus, and fresh oil scents.

Lavender Oil

This is one of the most well-known and popular essential oils and for good reason. It comes from the lavender plant, which is beautiful, fragrant, and provides a lot of excellent health benefits. The lavender essential oil can help with relaxing and reducing stress, reducing anxiety and depression, and helping with headaches and other types of chronic pain. It also happens to be an amazing floral oil for the springtime. Especially useful at the moment as many of us struggle with anxiety and fear due to the uncertainties of the Corona Virus.

Mix a few drops into a bottle of water and spray in into your pillow for a calm and relaxing night. Equally you could massage it under your feet before bed to support a restful sleep.

Lemon Oil

Spring is the perfect time for fruity and citrus scents, which is why lemon is a recommended essential oil for this time of year. Lemon is going to provide that citrus, fresh scent you want for things like turning on your diffuser in the evening or making your own DIY skincare or home cleaning products. It also has some health benefits of its own, including improving your mood, reducing respiratory issues, and simply making you feel better during the day. This is a happy, bright, fresh scent to use for many different purposes.

Add a trop of this oil to your glass of water in the morning and enjoy a fresh and zesty start to your day! Tea Tree Oil

If you have never tried tea tree oil, you are in for a real treat. It is wonderful for your skin, so if you are making DIY products for your skin or scalp, adding some tea tree oil and a carrier oil is really going to help with softening and reducing irritation. It is great in the spring because it has a fresh scent, but also because it helps with those springtime allergies that tend to run rampant.

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