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The Hands-Off Approach

1 Day

Who is this program for?

All my One-on-one Coaching Programs are for women in their 30s, 40s, and 50s who want to feel better in their body, to feel heard, to ask questions, and to most importantly get the key insights, strategies, and advice they need to feel like themselves again.

Whether that’s weight loss, relief from anxiety or stress, better sleep, improved digestion, hormone balance, more energy, or anything in between, you’ll spend time with me, a women’s health coach and perimenopause guide, who can show you how to support the needs of your unique body while still empowering you to be the very best version of yourself.


This short program ´Hands-Off Approach - 1 Day´ offers a brief insight into the endless possibilities that are available to help you feel better in your skin. It is a great starting point for your journey to health and wellbeing.

The details

01. Upon purchase,

you will receive an invitation to complete my Health History and Symptom Questionnaire forms. Once completed, you will schedule your 60-minutes Women Wellbeing Consult Session with me.

02. During this 60-minute Women Wellbeing Consult Session*,

you get to share your story in the presence of a 100% loving, non-judgmental women’s health expert. We will discuss your health history, symptoms, lab work, medications, supplements, thoughts, and feelings, looking for pieces that tell us “why” your body isn’t feeling quite right.  

This is a highly individualised conversation, where I come to our session ready to ask questions and share insights. While the focus is on investigation rather than the solution, you’ll leave with a clearer understanding of where there are opportunities for you to start feeling better and a few “low hanging fruit” items you can start working on right away.  The underlying root causes are something that won’t get solved in one session, but we will absolutely come up with the plan and lay down the very important foundation.


03. Following our session,

I will send you a set of session notes, including lifestyle, diet and supplement recommendations. If you are then interested in continuous support you can choose between a three month or six month program during which we will have bimonthly follow-up sessions.   

I highly encourage all of my clients to obtain a comprehensive set of functional labs (if they don’t already have them).  Lab tests can provide very targeted information about the status of your body’s systems, and allows us to more fully customize your food and lifestyle edits.   

Keep in mind ~ Just as one session with a personal trainer won’t result in physical body transformation, the same holds true when it comes to addressing symptoms in your body. It takes time and a commitment to address the root causes of those nagging symptoms, but it’s so worth it!!! If you are ready to invest in yourself, I’d love to be your guide!

*Sessions are offered over FaceTime, phone or in person in Cologne.

Now that you’re ready to feel and look your best, email me personally to let me know! Ask me any questions, share how you’re feeling and tell me what excites you about working together. 


The price of the one day ´Hands-Off Approach´ One-onOne Coaching Program is Euro 169.

Contact me today for more information and to book your 20 minutes free consult

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