Meet Sally

Certified Nutritional Advisor & Women's Health Biohacker

As a women and a mum, I understand how challenging life can be. I get the exhaustion, the stress, and the constant state of fight or flight. 

But most of all, I’ve witnessed the limited guidance and lack of support that conventional medicine offers us as we navigate our health from pregnancy to menopause.

Exhaustion, headaches, pain, mood swings, digestive discomfort and hormonal fluctuations—it’s all treated with the pop of a prescription pill instead of with the investigation of the root cause.


Having experienced this first hand with my own health challenges for many years, I want you to know that you have the power to impact and improve your health without relying only on medication. In fact, your lifestyle—how you eat, move, and live every day matters most of all.




Today, as a practicing women’s health educator + perimenopause guide, it is my mission to bridge the gap that exists between conventional and integrative health care. I take a functional medicine approach to health and wellness, focusing on the investigation of the root cause of symptoms so that women can experience greater vitality no matter which phase of womanhood they are in.


When I am not busy coaching women through perimenopause I love hanging out with family and friends. I also love colouring with my daughter or playing board games with my son.


If you are dying to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me:


  1. I have just given up coffee and feel amazing. (You can do it too!)

  2. I enjoy the occasional glass of wine.

  3. I have moved 15 times in my life.

  4. I am a bit of a fashion victim.

  5. I need my beauty sleep of 8-10 hours per night.


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You deserve a body that feels good and transitions with ease and grace!

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