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How your diet can make or break your hormone health!

What have you had for lunch today? Any snack in the afternoon? Food is such an integral part of our everyday life that we sometimes forget the actual importance of it: Food is medicine! Without it we could not survive, it nourishes every cell in our body, gives us energy and supports many metabolic processes in the body.

When it comes to our hormones, especially during the time of change, fuelling our body with the appropriate nutrients from food, supports the balance of our hormones and boosts our cellular function. On the other hand the wrong food can also cause harm, such as gut inflammation and mess with our hormones and mood. So called inflammatory foods such as sugar, gluten and dairy can be the culprits.

For some of us food has become a way to sooth ourselves, especially over the past 4-6 months during which we might have indulged in the wrong kind of nutrition.

Good chance that at some point during this time you have felt gassy, bloated and headachy.

Maybe it is time for a little food reset?

Food is not only fuel but it carries key information, so called chemical messengers that they take to all parts of the body.

Adding healthy healing foods and remove inflammatory foods from our diet allows us to see a massive shift in our wellbeing within a few weeks.

The modern world has us feel overwhelmed with toxins. Our endocrine system is vulnerable and outside toxins are putting additional stress on our system, Did you know that the average woman ingest 100+ chemicals every day?? These chemicals cause weight gain, mood swings and hormone imbalances.

An occasional food focused reset can be the solution and foundation for our health and hormones.

  1. Morning routine: establishing a morning routine that preps our gut for the day is a great way to start. I like a warm glass of lemon water, or if you are extra adventurous: a shot of raw, organic apple cider vinegar with a dash of ginger.

  2. Protein: Protein is the building block for everything. Protein helps our liver to detox and keep hormones stable. Aim for 15g of lean animal protein such as fish or chicken, or plant based protein such as legumes, nuts and seeds per day. You may also add some protein powder to your daily smoothie.

  3. Healthy fats are key and important for all hormones, especially stabilising our stress hormones. Aim for 15-30g per day of extra virgin olive oil, avocado, almonds or cashews.

  4. Digestive enzymes help break down food into small enough parts for our body to absorb its nutrients. Most adults lack enough digestive fire and might benefit from a full spectrum digestive enzyme supplement.

  5. Probiotics keep the good bacteria in our gut happy. I love fermented foods, such as kefir, kombucha, bone broth or sauerkraut.

  6. Fibre helps maintain a healthy weight and also helps move things along in our gut, providing us with a regular trip to the bathroom. Most of us do not consume enough fibre and feel sluggish and constipated. Aim for 30-40 g of fibre per day, such as veg and fruit, nuts and seeds, as well as gluten free grains are a good source. Also adding a fibre supplement in your daily smoothie is a good option.

  7. Love your liver, it is the bodies master filter. The liver is also the powerhouse of our hormone metabolism. Dandelion tea as well as herbs such as cilantro and parsley are liver loving foods.

  8. Protecting our thyroid by eating the right foods such as magnesium rich dark leafy greens and almonds, as well as selenium rich brazil nuts. Kelp and seaweed offer some protective iodine.

  9. The healthy eating plate demonstrates how putting a body and hormone loving meal together:

Food really has the power to makes us feel great and balanced when it comes to our hormones. Supporting our hormones with the adequate fuel, especially during the perimenopausal years, will make this season of change a more

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