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How to start a New Morning Routine this Spring

When spring arrives, you often want to reset your body and life. Especially at the moment as we spent more time at home, having a little healthy routine to start the day can work wonders. The way your morning goes can make all the difference in your energy, focus, and mindset throughout the rest of the day. And at this moment in time, its all about mindset - the right one!

Journal Every Morning Morning routines not only include what you do to get ready for work or get your family ready to head off to (home) school, but also what you do before other responsibilities. If you wake up in a stressed panic each morning, overwhelmed by your to-do list and constantly running late, then the rest of your day will likely be chaotic. A better thing to do is to start your day 20-30 minutes before you need to get up. Use this time to yourself to get up slowly and participate in activities like journaling that are just for you. Sit quietly and write in your journal, whether it is a gratitude journal, you are writing what you plan to do that day, or simply try stream of consciousness writing. This is especially powerful at the moment, as it allows you to address your fears before the day starts. You will feel lighter and less anxious during the day.

Try Yoga or Morning Exercise Another excellent practice for your morning routine is to do yoga or another relaxing physical activity. By getting moving in the morning, you increase your energy naturally, and get some mood-boosting endorphins going. Morning exercise has a wide range of benefits as well, from getting it out of the way to where you don’t need to worry about it later, to boosting your metabolism for the remainder of the day. Get up a little earlier to have time for yoga, Pilates, or just a brisk walk around your garden.

Start Your Day with a Green Juice Getting more healthy nutrients into your body is another aspect of having a fresh morning routine for the spring season. Fresh produce is now going to be in season, so it is the perfect time for juicing, particularly with a green juice or green smoothie. This is the one that not only has fruits, but veggies and greens like kale, spinach, broccoli or celery. You can also put herbs and spices for even more nutrient power. The green juice not only allows you to get a lot of your day’s allotment of vitamins and minerals, but it gives you energy often times without needing several cups of coffee. Plus, when you get a healthy start to your day, you are much more likely to continue with it throughout the rest of the day.

When starting to implement a new routine do not get overwhelmed. Take your time to implement one thing at a time. In the case of a morning routine you might want to start with the Morning exercise. Once this is working well for you and you feel established you can add a new element to your morning such as the journaling. Overtime you will get there and create the morning routine that works for you.

I would love to hear how you start your morning? Maybe you have a special routine that you would like to share with us!

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