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Delicious fresh juice, a healthy addition to your Summer Detox

If you want to get healthier this spring season and detox your body, it starts with what you put into your body. While you do not need to do a juice cleanse just to be healthier, adding more fresh juice is a great idea. Here is more information on juicing during this time of year.

Use Fresh Spring Produce

Before you start juicing, you need to begin with the best produce you can get your hands on. Try to go for the freshest produce, organic whenever possible. However, organic is definitely not mandatory. If you can get it from local farmers, such as from a farmer’s market, that will be the freshest available.

Go for produce that is in season in the spring where you live. This may vary, but here are some examples:

Kale Lettuce Carrots Broccoli Lemons and Limes Oranges Grapefruit Beets Spinach Strawberries Dandelion Greens Celery Apples Cucumber

It is good to look up what produce is in season where you live, as different climates offer different varieties and the quality and price might vary quite a bit as well.

Try New Flavor Combinations

There are some standard juice recipes you will find online, such as combining greens like spinach and kale, with apples and berries for sweetness. However, you can go crazy and throw just about any ingredients together that you want. Don’t be afraid to experiment! As long as you have fruits mixed in, it will still have the sweetness you crave, even with lots of veggies.

Try a vegetable juice with celery, carrots, greens, and broccoli, or mix different fruits together, like citrus, apples, and watermelon to see what you get. This is when you come up with some of the best juices because it is not a recipe you would find anywhere online.

Don’t Forget Your Herbs and Spices

You should also add in some herbs and spices to increase the nutrients and bring out more of the flavors in your juice. Some herbs you can find in the spring include dandelion root, mint, and basil. These are really delicious added to your juice, plus have added healing properties. You can also use spices that contain even more detoxing potential, like turmeric or ginger.

Don’t be shy about combining ingredients you wouldn’t have thought of and tweaking other people’s recipe to fit your personal needs and preferences, both with taste and what you have available.

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