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Geführter Ansatz

3 Monate

Für wen ist dieses Programm?

Alle meine Einzelcoaching-Programme richten sich an Frauen in ihren 30ern, 40ern und 50ern, die sich in ihrem Körper wohler fühlen, das Gefühl haben möchten, dass ihnen jemand zuhört, Fragen stellen möchten und – was am wichtigsten ist – die wichtigsten Erkenntnisse, Strategien und Ratschläge erhalten möchten, die sie brauchen, um sich wieder wie sie selbst zu fühlen.

Ob Gewichtsverlust, Linderung von Angst oder Stress, besserer Schlaf, verbesserte Verdauung, Hormonhaushalt, mehr Energie oder irgendetwas dazwischen, Sie verbringen Zeit mit mir, einem Frauengesundheitscoach und Perimenopausenberater, der Ihnen zeigen kann, wie Sie die Bedürfnisse Ihres einzigartigen Körpers unterstützen und gleichzeitig die beste Version Ihrer selbst sein können.

Dieses dreimonatige Programm „Geführter Ansatz“ bietet eine tiefer gehende Reise zur Gesundheit.

Basierend auf dem, was für die Heilung entscheidend ist, mit dem Ziel, die Grundursache hormoneller Ungleichgewichte zu behandeln, mit jeder Menge persönlicher Unterstützung und Inspiration von jemandem, der sich einst so gefühlt hat wie Sie jetzt.

Die Details

01. Upon purchase,

you will receive an invitation to complete my Health History and Symptom Questionnaire forms. Once completed, you will schedule your 60-minute initial Women Wellbeing Consult session with me.

02. During this initial 60-minute Women Wellbeing Consult session,

you get to share your story in the presence of a 100% loving, non-judgmental women’s health expert who’s also a mom and totally gets it. We will discuss your health history, symptoms, lab work, medications, supplements, thoughts, and feelings, looking for pieces that tell us “why” your bod isn’t feeling quite right.  

This is a highly individualised conversation where I come to our session ready to ask questions and share insights. While the focus is on investigation rather than the solution, you’ll leave with a clearer understanding of where there are opportunities for you to start feeling better and a few “low hanging fruit” items you can start working on right away.  The underlying root causes are something that won’t get solved in one session, but we will absolutely come up with the plan and lay down the very important foundation to help you get there.


03. Following our initial session these additional experiences will await you on your three month journey:

  • Five additional 60-minute one-on-one coaching sessions (total of 6 sessions). We’ll meet twice a month for 3 months. We’ll explore and change your self-limiting beliefs. I’ll teach you how the female body works. Together we’ll overcome your unhealthy eating habits to create a healthier relationship with food and write the personal food prescription that will heal your body. We’ll create practical meal plans and I’ll share recipes you’ll love. I’ll hold you accountable to making time to love yourself up and tap into your full potential. 


  • Whole Body & Hormone Cleanse. During the program, you’ll have the chance to complete a hormone and body balancing, whole foods cleanse. You’ll receive a detailed 3-day plan with recipes, and journaling exercises


  • Lifetime Membership to our Community. You’ll experience the healing power of community, too, as you connect with like-minded women from around the world. Our secret facebook group, which you’ll have access to for life, is your place to be inspired and inspire other women to be their healthiest selves. 


*Sessions are offered over FaceTime, phone or in person in Cologne.


Now that you’re ready to feel and look your best, email me personally to let me know! Ask me any questions, share how you’re feeling and tell me what excites you about working together. 


The price of the three month ´Guided Approach´ One-onOne Coaching Program is Euro 720 if paid in full or 3 monthly instalments of Euro 240. 

If you are ready to invest in yourself, I’d love to be your guide!

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