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Is low energy holding you back from living? 



Learn how to renew the invaluable resource that is your energy!

It has been a tough few months...and for most of us energy levels are running low. Do you also suffer from moments of exhaustion? Is getting out of bed in the morning a real mission? Do you not survive the afternoon without a strong coffee and a chocolate chip cookie?

Then this virtual workshop is for you! In only 60 minutes I will show you what factors contribute to or drain energy and vitality. We will go over foods that increase energy and that decrease energy. We will shine a light on the relationship between sugar and mood swings and how to avoid sugar crashes and cravings in the future.

You will come away from this workshop knowing how to feed you body for energy. You will be receiving some delicious recipes to start your new energy fuelling diet. 


Datum: 3. November 2020

Uhrzeit: 9.30-10.30 Uhr

Standort: Ihr Computer

Hallo, mein Name ist Sally

Ich bin die Gastgeberin dieses Workshops. Mein Hintergrund ist Ernährungs- und Gesundheitscoaching. In meiner Praxis helfe ich Frauen, die Hindernisse der Perimenopause zu überwinden und unterstütze sie auf ihrem Weg zu mehr Vitalität und würdevollem Altern.

Ich freue mich, Sie zu diesem Webinar begrüßen zu dürfen.

Bitte melden Sie sich unten an, um an diesem KOSTENLOSEN virtuellen Workshop teilzunehmen!

Thanks for submitting!

Sally- nutritionist- web content- april
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