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Supporting emotional wellbeing with essential oils

In my work with women, I have found three main causes for emotional distress:

- Stress

- a lack of sleep

- hormonal imbalances

Keeping a healthy balance between neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and hormones keeps our emotions and mood balanced as well. To achieve this we need to focus on creating a balanced wellness foundation. This consists of:

  1. diet & nutrition

  2. exercise

  3. stress management

  4. healthy sleep routine

  5. reduced toxic load

Cortisol levels are especially affected by stress and rise with chronic stress. These high levels of cortisol can create a feeling of being overwhelmed and worries can surface. which will impact how we respond to our environment.

Stress and high cortisol also affects our digestive system by shutting it down. However our second brain sits in the gut as serotonin is to 70% produced here. Therefore any disruption will play a role in our emotional wellbeing.

During perimenopause our estrogen and progesterone levels start declining, causing a hormonal imbalance that can trigger panic attacks, mood swings and feelings of worry. A lifestyle reset, some self-care and essential oils can be foundational components for supporting your emotional wellness.

How essential oils can support your emotional wellbeing

Essential oils are very potent and powerful. When we inhale them they directly affect our limbic brain, which regulates emotional reactions. The constitution of each essential oil varies greatly so each oil is able to work in a unique way.

Essential oils offer us three ways that help stabilize our mood. Here they are, with my favorite oil for each category:

  • Calming & Soothing - My favorite oil: Ylang Ylang

  • Energizing & Uplifting - My favorite oil: Wild Orange

  • Grounding & Balancing - My favorite oil: Cedarwood

Each oil can be aromatically used by putting 3-4 drops into a diffuser or by breathing directly from the bottle.

Essential oils allow your body and mind to release pent-up emotions by stimulating your emotional brain via the limbic system, Every emotion, from anger to fear, anxiety, grief to worthlessness, can be released by using the corresponding essential oil.

A positive affirmation paired with an essential oil can be a powerful combination in releasing these pent-up emotions. Here are some of my favorite affirmations that I use in my daily self-care rituals:

  1. I am woman

  2. I am worthy

  3. I am strong

  4. I am wise

  5. I am beautiful

Find and choose the affirmation that works for you, one that makes you feel confident, strong and happy. Then choose your corresponding essential oil. Make it a daily ritual to inhale the powerful scent while saying your affirmation out loud. You will notice a shift in your mindset and your mood will stabilize.

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